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Walnuts For Sale

It is that time of year again. It is officially fall and we just had our first official rain. Walnut harvest is in full swing and started earlier than ever this year. Yes, I seem to say that every year.


So here it goes:

We have hartley walnuts for order now. $1.50 a pound in shell only. If you buy more than 100 pounds than we drop that price to a bulk rate of $1.00. Good deal!  (We do have a minimum of 20 pounds please)

So let me know if you are interested by messaging me. I can deliver if it is local or you can come on out to the farm and pick them up.

Put in your order now so I can put some aside for you. It also helps me have a prepared inventory. We sell out every year in December, so don’t wait.

2 thoughts on “Walnuts For Sale

  1. Do you by chance ship shelled nuts?
    I loved your article about the varieties. I love fresh crop walnuts so much and I am looking for someone who cares about quality who can ship to an individual. Thanks. Let me know or give a recommendation of who I could contact. I would be happy to order 20 to 30 lbs of shelled Hartley — after reading your article I have to try eureka someday!


    1. Hi Greg,
      We have had so many questions about sending shelled nuts. Because of restrictions regarding food safety we are not able to shell our nuts and send them. So sorry for this. And sending in shell nuts has proven to be extremely pricey because of weight. If you are ever in the neighborhood let me know. As for eurekas, yes, we are lucky to have some on out farm. I hope that in the next five years I can graft a few more to enjoy. Thanks so much for your compliments and interest. Oh, and for great shelled nuts I recommend Fillmore Farms in Gridley, CA. They are organic and I had the privilege to tour their facility. Wonderful company.


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