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Christmas on the Kucek Ranch

How in the world is it that a bunch of polish people celebrate Christmas with tamales?  We have my dad to that for that one. Not sure how other families celebrate Christmas, but this is how we have always done it. Every year for Christmas dinner we come together in the early morn to work!… Continue reading Christmas on the Kucek Ranch


Garden Beds

Planting garden beds are great for several reasons, here are mine:

  1. They simplify life
  2. They make it easier to weed and keep weed free
  3. They look nice
  4. They are easy to keep tilled
  5. They do not get compacted
  6. Easy to use for other purposes
  7. Can cover them easily as seen above with the PVC pipe (freeze or heat protection
  8. They help keep me very organize and I am usually all over the place
  9. Easy to fertilize
  10. Not hard to construct
  11. they keep the gophers out
  12. Easy to water


So in short….You can build these be just about anywhere you have space and with just about any style and shape. I plan on adding many more in the future as we expand out operation. Again, they help keep me organized. On my beds I added some screen on the bottom to keep the gophers out because we have a huge gopher problem.  I actually had to redo a bed because I had left some space and those little vermin made their way in. It is worth it to do it right.


Also, with more beds it makes it easier to rotate crops, you just have to keep a journal or records so you remember what goes where. I use a garden program conveniently located on my phone. There are many such apps to choose from out there. It is wise to keep good notes because I used to say to myself..I will remember, and then I get all the information confused.  I am learning slowly but surely to write it all down, and then to remember where to find it after I write it down, because I used to write it down on pieces of paper I would lose. Now I have the app.

Step 1, put in garden beds!

All kinds of things can be grown in beds, easy rotation of crops


Easy to protect in low temperatures