IMG_6310Owner: Maria and Luis Espino

Contact: Maria

IMG_0325 copy

Located in Butte County, California


5 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. Do you have 25lb of Hartleys in shell? I’d take 50lb but the cost of shipping to Santa Rosa is probably prohibitive. What would the cost of shipping be for 25lb
    They don’t have to be “pretty” as I feed these to the squirrels in my backyard and they know how to open them! Zip Code is 95404. Thanks! Diane


    1. Hi Diane,
      It cost about $25 to ship 25 lbs. of walnuts that cost anywhere from a $1-$1.50 a pound. For this reason I don’t ship in shell nuts. On your second point, we only sell pretty and fresh nuts. We have just sold out this year, but will be getting more come November, you are always welcome to pre-order for pick-up.


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