Our Journey

This farm and family started way back in the early 1900’s when Mike Kuzcek came from Poland to the United States. He came from a farming community in Poland and brought his hard work ethic (like many immigrants) and skills here to the United States.

He found this land here in Northern California along the Feather River where some of the most fertile soil in the world resides (created from many years of flooding by the river).  He began to build a family and a life. Long story short….My mother and uncle have been working this farm their whole life, and I and my brother and two other siblings have been working right along side them.

No matter how far I strayed from home as a young adult, I always new where home was. Like my grandparents, my mother and uncle have worked very hard, with very little. I and my brother hope to change that, sort of. We want to keep the family involved in farming and the love of the land strong, and we also want to move forward in so many other ways:

  1. Becoming more sustainable
  2. More community involvement
  3. Land Beautification (native/ functional plants)
  4. Renew, re-use and recycle
  5. Using more of the sun
  6. And setting goals to accomplish our goals together!

I will be sharing this process with you all as we move along from repairing a barn, to growing our garden, building new beds and other farm/garden goodies. I will also be sharing the intricasies of farm life, and gardening.  I will take you on a harvest journey, as well as one that as always, involves family. Our families and eventually yours. Feel free to tell me about yours as well.



(John Kucek-Family Patriarch, and his dog, Girl.)

At 73 years old John continues to push on and up…up onto tractors and forklifts. John has spent his entire life on the farm, outside of his time serving our country in the US Amy stationed in Germany where he acted as an interpreter using the language of his parents, Polish. This skill kept him out of danger. And thank goodness for us!