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A Time to Teach, Learn, and Make Art

In the wake of all the Hurricanes of 2017 I was having to explain the news to my 4 and 5 year old. We do not have a tv, so they were using their little or BIG imaginations for the most part to make since of everything we were hearing in the news from the radio. I explained that hurricanes come and can change peoples lives in a single day. One day they are happy going about their business…children playing with toys, eating munchies, and the next they are simply trying to find the basics of life; shelter, food, water, clothes. It is up to those who can help, to help those in need. Rio, my 5 year old wanted to give the few dollars she had. I said that’s sweet, but will not feed to many. You need to think bigger, they need so much more. So she said she wanted to sell her art. Needless to say, I thought it was a fantastic idea.
The moral of this story that I wanted her to learn? Even the smallest of people can do great things. Use what you have to help others. Her brother and friend Amethyst jumped onboard with excitement to help her with the cause. I looked up a reputable organization that helps families who fell victim to Hurricane Maria, because that was what we were discussing at the time. These three little Children 4-5 years old were able to raise $207, which will be doubled by the Save the Children organization, all by doing what they love, making art. A big thank you goes out to all those who contributed to this cause and this lesson. This number might not seem like a big number in todays world, but I feel as if we have done so much more then raise money. We are raising conscious giving children as well, who will be giving adults like yourself. And your donations will make a difference. One proud mama who learned a lesson as well…Signing off.
If you are interested in donating what you can click on this link: DONATEĀ 


Save the Children

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