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A Lot Going On


Hello fellow humans. I have been on hiatus for a while now adjusting to this new farm of ours. New? Sort of. For those who knew us as Kucek Family Farms, a lot has happened since. We are excited about our new name, Dirt and Sky Farm, and our new way of doing things here on the farm. I have been a farmer pretty much my whole life, so farming is not new to me, but what is new is learning to do everything myself.

Let me explain a bit. Farming is tough work, and even tougher when you are mostly on your own. Throughout my life I have always operated as part of a team, a member of a farming family. One person did one thing and another helped with something else. It is no longer this way. Yes, a team is more efficient, but sometimes life hits hard and breaks things in half no matter what our perfect picture of what life should be like is. I won’t lie to you, farming alone is much harder, and more costly for that matter but sometimes we don’t have a say in what life hands us. That being said…I do have my husband and children to be part of my wild farming experiences.

So on this journey we forge on. And on this journey you may travel with us. First up, continuing the process of cleaning of the farm. Getting rid of “things” that serve no purpose, and just taking up sweet space. This means everything from scrap metal to actual buildings. So far we have conquered taking down an entire shack to getting rid of truck loads of trash.

It also means rebuilding the old and making it new again. This of course squarely lies in my own abilities to build, fix, drive tractors, and learn. I am currently working at improving the little house I grew up in one tiny little piece at a time.

Tiny little house

And then there is the daring project that is “the barn”. This will be considered a long term project that needs to be finished quickly. Ha, I am aware of what I just said. But this is very true.


This barn holds a piece of my heart and I could not imagine it crashing down when it can be saved. If anyone out there has special barn building skills, feel free to contact me. All advice is appreciated.

So as you can see I have my hands full, and this does not include the everyday tasks of actually running a farm. We grow walnuts! We also have fun experimenting in other types of crops. As you may have seen previously we are trying blueberries, which seem to be coming along well.

There is so much to look forward to. So much work to do, and so much love of the land I have that I am motivated to get it all done. With each accomplishment completed, you will probaby hear a word or two from me as I have to celebrate with someone. So keep a look out for Dirt and Sky Farm, because you will be hearing a whole lot more from us soon.


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