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Flowers are in Mid Bloom and Available


I will admit, I know nothing about flowers. But along with all the experimenting we have been doing here at Kucek Family Farms, dahlias have been part of it all. So I have been learning slowly, talking to experts and learning as I go. Of course there are better less costly ways to learn, but these flowers continue to bring us joy. This is why I offer them up to you. We are currently selling them on our produce cart here in Gridley Ca. If you are interested in them come on by in the morning as they are put aways as the temperatures rise. If you have a special occasion that you would like Dahlias for, feel free to contacts is and we can accommodate you per your request. We offer both zinnias and  dahlias until the season changes, so get them now as that time is near.


You can even come out and pick your own at 50 cents a stem.


As I learn my little ones also learn. It is also nice being part of a new community I did not know existed. So helpful and kind people in the flower industry. Thank you to Longfield Gardens for selling us such great tubers that ending up being spectacular. They also have a great recourse page on Dahlias here.

Sunflower season is almost over, so we are enjoying the last of those. Trick for all flowers, keep dead heading them and it will extend the bloom process. This mean, cut off all the old and dying flowers so the energy goes into the new ones.

We have just one short row of dahlias, but now I feel like  need a couple new varieties…Yikes


As if we did not have enough…..


How does one pick a favorite? I will have to sleep on that. I have entered these babies in my first ever fair competition, their first ever competition as well. ha. I will let you know via Instagram how they and I did. Check back on this site and you can see the instagram pictures pop up on the right. Or you can follow me on instagram, look for dancingfarmergirl.

Until then….

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