The Business


Part of the journey is being held accountable. That is why I want you all to join me on this journey. We have set some pretty massive goals, not unlike many other peoples massive goals. We basically want to extend our farm not not just our immediate family, but to you all as well. Every employee, and visitor we have had to the farm we have taken great care to treat them as family. What does this mean to us…Ha, Now that I think about how we treat our family, I think we treat our visitors a whole lot better.

We want to make this a place where people can come and relax, enjoy the great outdoors, and forget about the daily grind. I get this feeling when I walk around the farm at dusk. It’s too dark to work, and not dark enough to force me into the house. Outside it’s quiet, no machine work and all I can hear at this time are the sounds of nature.  It is truly Surreal and it would be great to share this experience.


So how farm are we from sharing this with you. Depends….

  1. Have set up the proper legalities, and I can take you on that journey when it happens
  2. Must take down dead and dying trees
  3. Prepare the location for actual overnight stays
  4. Fix all the broken stuff (leaky water facets, funny electric connections, etc.)
  5. Move stuff from here to there and there to here
  6. Tear down old house, fix barn, clear shed (this is a big one, or just time consuming)

Once the above happens, we will be a whole lot closer to officially inviting you all here. Although, visitors are always welcome.

As for the actual farming, that never stops. Farming is a way of life that leaves no room for rest or vacation. The world keeps spinning and crops keep growing. Farming is why we are here.


To this barn I thee wed!

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