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On a Journey

Welcome on this journey of ours.  We will be sharing this farm of ours with you together through this blog.  My goal is to not only inform you of all the wonderful new happenings on our farm, but to also use this blog as a motivator and you as our customers, friends, students, and educators.  We will see how this all works out.  Step one would be to tell you all a little bit about out farm.

Kucek Family Farms was started by our grand parents way back.  They came over from Poland just before WWII. And good thinking on their part because Poland was later bombed to pieces by the Russians and the Germans. They were farmers in Poland and continued the tradition here in the town of Biggs.  As locals we call it East Biggs. They dabbled in a little bit of everything from bee keeping to a dairy, almonds growers and grain producers…they were very self sufficient, something we are trying to get back to little by little.  The farm has now ended up in our hands (the third generation).  I and my brother run the farm where we manage mostly walnuts.  We also have an abundance of fruit trees and veggies.  We are carrying on the tradition of experimentation and learning by doing.  We have made many mistakes but over all have made vast improvements thanks to my brothers efforts in the field and my efforts in the books.

Our goals: to clean up the property and make it an amazing experience for all to enjoy. To keep it sustainable, family friendly and to become part of a larger community, one that appreciates and cherishes it’s small farmers.

That is where you all come in, to hold us accountable and to keep us motivated and moving in the right direction. I say motivated because it is extremely hard work to run this farm.  Not only are we playing catch up from the generation behind us, but we are also trying to get ahead to the future that awaits.  We look forward to sharing these experiences, challenges and accomplishments with you all.


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